The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater is proud to announce they are now accepting SUBMISSIONS for XANADU!
Submissions are due by 6:00pm (EST) on Saturday, April 1, 2023.
To submit, please fill out the following Submission Form:
In the form, you will be required to upload a headshot & resume.
If you have NOT performed in a musical at The Playhouse since January 2022, you will be required to submit a self tape of you performing 16 bars of a song in the style of XANADU.
Must be 16+ to be considered.
Callbacks and cold readings may be held at a later date if needed.
Performance Dates: Friday and Saturday evenings, and select Sunday matinees June 30-August 19, 2023.
All performers will be paid a per-performance stipend. Additionally, those cast will be given the opportunity to join the restaurant service staff (if legally eligible, and following training) where they may earn gratuities.

All roles are open.
Swings and understudies will be cast/considered.

XANADU Production Staff:
Producer: Mack’s Theatricals LLC
Director: Shawn R. Martin
Music Director: Francesca Aguado
Choreographer: TBD
Character Breakdown:
    The youngest of Zeus’s daughters and the muses. Falls in love with Sonny. Pretty. Adventurous. Honest and determined. Muse of history and the leader of the muses.
    Vocal Range: G3-A5
    A self-critical and depressed, mortal, chalk artist who falls in love with Kira. Handsome, but not particularly smart. He embodies 1980s pop culture and is very much a California dreamer.
    Vocal Range: B3-C6
    The hard-nosed “all work and no play” businessman who owns the theater he once built for his love, Kira. Used to be a budding artist like Sonny, but has since let money and greed consume him.
    Vocal Range: A3-C6
    Kira’s older sister and fellow muse. She is jealous of Kira and as Melpomene’s sidekick, plots with her for Kira’s downfall. The Muse of epics.
    Vocal Range: G3-A5
    Kira’s oldest sister. Mother of the Sirens. She is jealous that Kira is the leader of the muses rather than herself, and therefore creates the plot for her downfall. Muse of tragedy.
    Vocal Range: G3-A5
    One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. Muse of comedy. Actor may double as Siren, Young Danny, Tubes Singer, and Cyclops.
    Vocal Range: C4-C6
    One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. Muse of music. Actor may double as Siren, Andrews Sister, and Thetis.
    Vocal Range: G3-A5
    One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. Muse of lyrics and erotica. As Eros, she is responsible for shooting Kira with the arrow of love brought on by Melpomene and Calliope’s spell. Actor may double as Siren, Andrews Sister, Eros, and Hera.
    Vocal Range: G3-C6
    One of Kira’s older sisters and fellow muse. Muse of dance. As Hermes, the messenger of the gods, they are masculine in voice but sassy and flippant in attitude. Actor may double as Siren, Tubes Singer, Hermes, and Centaur.
    Vocal Range: C4-C6