As always, your safety and comfort and that of our professional troupe of actors is paramount, so…

We’d like to share the changes we made, before reopening last November, in order to ensure a safer experience for our patrons.

1. The Playhouse features Dining Room Seating (not rows like a theater). Tables have been removed to reduce our seating to allowed capacity. We have also arranged tables to be compliant with Social Distancing recommendations. Additionally, “front row” tables have been removed in order to adequately socially distance our patrons from performers.

 2. We have eliminated our Salad Bar and Hot Buffet. We will serve garden salads (or a soup) with a choice of dressing and dinner will be served “Cafeteria Style.” There will be two vegetable choices, a starch, and two meats offered. Dessert will be served to your table. 

3.  Our staff, and your server will wear face coverings. Performers will wear clear face shields. We ask that all patrons wear face coverings when not seated at their table. We also ask that patrons wear face coverings during the show.

4. Staff health is monitored. Staff are also asked to avoid situations and behaviors that could result in exposure while not working at The Playhouse.

5. We made the decision to produce only plays during our 2021 season, and postpone our Summer Theater Camp. Musicals and our Summer Theater Camp will return in 2022. This programming choice eliminated any additional risks that public singing may pose and keeps cast sizes small, reducing the amount of actors and staff needed to entertain you safely.

While exposure to COVID-19 is still possible in any place where other people are present, you can feel confident that we do everything we can to mitigate risk in our theater.

These are the main changes that are in effect as the recovery phase continues.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The Playhouse!

All our best,
Laura and Shawn Martin