The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater is proud to announce they are now accepting
Submissions are due by 6:00pm (EST) on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.
To submit, please fill out the following Submission Form:
In the form, you will be required to upload:
  • headshot (all)
  • resume (all)
  • self tape of 60 second comedic monologue (only if you have NOT worked at The Playhouse within the past 2 years)
Must be 16+ to be considered.
Callbacks and cold readings may be held at a later date if needed.
Performance Dates: Friday and Saturday evenings, and select Sunday matinees April 21-May 27, 2023.
All performers will be paid a per-performance stipend. Additionally, those cast will be given the opportunity to join the restaurant service staff (if legally eligible, and following training) where they may earn gratuities.
The roles of Wadsworth and Colonel Mustard are closed. All other roles are open.
Swings and understudies will be cast/considered.
CLUE Production Staff:
Producer: Mack’s Theatricals LLC
Director: Rennes D. Carbaugh
Character Breakdown:
  • MR. GREEN – A timid, yet officious, rule follower. He’s a bit of a klutz and awfully anxious.
  • MRS. PEACOCK – The church-going wife of a Senator. A bit batty, neurotic, and quick to hysteria.
  • PROFESSOR PLUM – An academic Casanova who woos women with his big … brain.
  • MISS SCARLET – A dry, sardonic D.C. Madam who is more interested in secrets than sex.
  • MRS. WHITE – A pale, morbid, and tragic woman. Mrs. White may or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands.
  • YVETTE – A sexy, French Maid, with her own secret aspirations. May double as other supporting characters.
  • 1-2 ENSEMBLE WOMEN – To play COOK, MOTORIST, AGENT, and others.
  • 1-2 ENSEMBLE MEN – To play MR. BODDY, COP, AGENT, and others.