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Age ranges are suggestions.

BERNARD (25-40) – An American architect and swinging bachelor. He is a combination of Don Draper and Jack Tripper. A ladies man who thinks he has the fairer sex completely figured out.

BERTHA (40s-60s) – Bernard’s long-suffering French housekeeper. She is very dry, very direct and perfectly unwilling to help in any way – stereotypically French.

ROBERT (25-40) – Bernard’s old college friend from Wisconsin. A fish out of water, unsure of how to act around Bernard’s beautiful women and tangled secrets.

GABRIELLA (23-35) – the Italian fiancée, has the fiery passion of an Italian woman with a casual sensuality. A stewardess.

GLORIA (23-35) – the American fiancée, very quirky, from the way she stands to what she eats. She is a passionate woman with an upbeat disposition. A stewardess.

GRETCHEN (23-35) – the German fiancée, blessed with an aggressive nature. At any moment, she could make love to you or fight you. A stewardess.

Sunday, January 14th at 3:00 PM.

Produced by Mack’s Theatricals, LLC
Shawn R. Martin – Producing Artistic Director
Laura J. Martin – Managing Director
Scott Ruble – Associate Producer

Directed by Shawn R. Martin

Are performers paid at WCP?
The main way to leverage your time (earn money) as a performer at The Playhouse (and most other dinner theaters) is to join the service staff for dinner hour. Servers’ and bussers’ compensation consists solely of gratuities. Bartenders receive a stipend for each shift plus a percentage of whatever the servers make. You will need to train at least three times to serve, twice to bus. Bartending positions may or may not be available during the run of the show. Once you have completed training, minimum performance standards must be maintained in order for you to continue in your service staff position(s). If you choose to only perform in the show and not to train for the service staff, that is certainly fine, you will receive complimentary tickets to a future Playhouse production.












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